Kym + Cory


Power Play

"I just love her...she took my jersey and turned it into an amazing wedding dress..." - Kym

It's not every day that someone contacts me and requests a "hockey inspired" wedding dress. When Kym reached out, I had no idea that I would actually be using a real hockey jersey as a component in the dress. Soon after we brainstormed, I realized that I was up for the challenge.

Upon meeting Kym and her mom; Ester, I knew that this was going to be an enjoyable experience. I do not normally talk about a Bride's family members in my journal entries, but I have to include Ester. She is the kindest mother of the bride, I have ever met. She allowed Kym to be her own bride, and do the "daring, non-traditional thing". It was really sweet to watch them interact. When Kym would speak, Ester would smile from ear to ear. The love for her daughter is worn proudly on her face. The joy of her daughter being married shined through her expressions. The moment that really touched me was during our sample fitting when Kym walked out in the plain, cotton muslin sample, Ester was so emotional, it was awesome. I couldn't wait to see her face when Kym would wear the real thing!

Ok Ok... let's talk about Kym... this girl is pretty cool. Kym is a designers DREAM. She knew exactly what she wanted. She has the best personality, silly and serious rolled into one. Kym is beautiful on the inside and out. We really clicked during the custom dress making process. She was flexible when I suggested ideas, and in the end stayed pretty true to the original design. Her love for her fiancé was pretty awesome, especially with a hockey theme wedding, but Kym is an absolute hockey lover herself!  From playing the sport to teaching it to kids (which is how they met). Ice skating in general is pretty impressive, let alone wearing heavy gear and carrying a stick, and having to focus on a puck... and falling on my face and yea, no... I will stick to dressmaking. 

Kym's dress could be considered an upcycle because we used a hockey jersey for the bodice. I cut and pieced it together to create a figure flatter silhouette. We used hockey skate laces to lace up the back. Kym wanted a simplistic style where all the focus was on the top of the dress, so we decided to go with a matte satin Aline skirt. There was some different engineering involved in this dress because I had to be conscious of that fact that she would be on ice skates for her ceremony... YES You hear that right! So I decided to have the hem of the skirt peak up just a little on the center front and back hemline, so that she wouldn't snag the dress with her skate. Oh and the biggest surprise... it had pockets in the side seams of course!


Thank You Kym, for allowing me to be apart of your day. xo Sheila

Grooms Name: Corry
Wedding Date: January 13, 2018
Name of Venue: Hershey Park Arena
Hair: Wears Like Gold
Makeup: Bombshell Bride
Florist: Bride - created from paper (music played in school)