Long Sleeved Lace Dress

Aly + Dustin


Dance your heart out

"She listened to my input and recommended some great ideas. She was very easy to work with and I highly recommend her. My wedding dress turned out even more amazing than I imagined." - Aly

I met Aly in 2016 when I was working at my full time desk job. She is a friend of one of my good friends, client and now Brand Ambassador Amanda.  Working with Aly was a really fun experience. She is silly but serious, energetic and well not like any of the other brides I worked with.

Aly came to me with an idea of a dress that she couldn't find. Crew neck with long sleeves. A slim silhouette with a train but nothing puffy under it. An interesting back but nothing too flashy. Stretch lace with soft lining so that she could dance and possibly break dance in the dress. I had my work cut out for this no frills bride. Oh and she hadn't even tried on one single wedding dress.

At our second meeting which was her muslin (cotton fabric which is how you fit the garment for the actual fabric) fitting, Aly decided to break-dance on the platform. She wanted to make sure her dress would flow with her moves. I had to remind her that the muslin fabric was a little bit stiffer and not stretchy like the lace her dress would be constructed out of. She cracked me up at every appointment.

I really had a great time working with Aly and so happy that Amanda recommended me!  She allowed me to offer suggestions and we were both really pleased with the outcome. The stretch lace fabric has small sequins in it, which glittered as she danced the night away.

Thank You for letting me be apart of your day. XO Sheila

Grooms Name: Dustin
Wedding Date: January 28, 2017
Photographer: Dreaming Tree Studios - Heather Shelley
Name of Venue: Carlisle Ribbon Mill
Hair and Makeup Artist: Bella Donnas Hair Studio - Rachel Minsker
Florist: Giant Food Stores - Carlisle, PA