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We design with you from concept to construction. We want to create a garment that is perfectly you. We adore all woman and celebrate diversity. We specialize in Bridal and Eveningwear but that doesn't stop there! We love to design full wedding parties from bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the brides and even accessories for the grooms. We also design custom prom dresses, guest of weddings, office attire and maybe even something cool to add to your ready to wear wardrobe. We do our absolute best to work within the parameters of your budget, style and requirements.

Our Process


We create a Private Pinterest board for you. We request for you to pin your favorite dresses and colors for a day or two. This helps us to better understand your taste. Then Sheila will design. If you would like more input on design, we can build from there.


After we agree on a design, we send you a formal quote. The quote will have a 2 week expiration date. Once you accept the quote, a contract will be automated to you. A deposit is due upon signing the contract to ensure your placement in our custom schedule.


Next we schedule your in person consultation. At the consultation we take your measurements and finalize the design. A payment is due ( we offer payment plans to fit your budget.) And we schedule your first fitting. (Appointment approx. 60 minutes)


This is the pattern fitting, which is a muslin (toile) fabric. We make sure you like the design, and may make alterations to the design. We also select fabric, and schedule your next fitting. *Please bring with you your shoes and foundation garments to all fittings. (Appointment approx. 90 minutes)


During this fitting, you try on the real thing! This will be sort of the shell of the design, without a zipper, buttons or the hem. We finalize detailing if you chose embellishments, and we schedule your next fitting. (Appointment approx. 60 minutes)


This fitting may be the completed garment; however in most cases it is not the completed garment due to weight fluctuations or handwork such as beading and appliques. We use this fitting to make sure the fit is perfection. We will schedule your final fitting. (Appointment approx. 60 minutes)


Your garment will be completed with zipper, hem and embellishments. *Please make sure to bring shoes and foundation garments to this fitting. You may take the garment with you at this appointment and final payment will be due. (Appointment approx. 120 minutes)


You will try on the final look and take the garment with you. Final payment is due. (Appointment approx. 30 minutes)