Susan + Ed


Wedded Bliss

"She was more than accommodating and my dress turned out exactly as I pictured it in my mind. Everyone loved the 2 in 1 idea, especially my groom!" - Susan

This story has a special meaning because Susan is my Aunt! How cool is this? I am not sure I can draft a professional blog while talking about my awesome Aunt Susie. Honestly I don't remember If I asked my Aunt or if she asked me to make her dress. All I know is that um, duh of course I would! 

I am lucky to have a wonderful family dynamic on both of my mother and father's side. We can call, text or show up on your doorstep, just because. Aunt Suzie is my dad's baby sister. She is loyal and full of life and love. It is neat when you reach a certain age (after your 30's) and realize that Aunt's and Uncle's are people too. What I mean is, when you are younger you kind of do things, like call to thank them for the birthday card because mom told you to. When you are older it's like, now we are friends, I am going to send you this stupid chain letter or silly GIF because I am thinking of you and know it will make you laugh. 

Aunt Suzie was a dream to work with. Not because we are related, but because she is so laid back. It was hard to stay professional, but I wanted her to have the full custom experience. 

I rarely mention the grooms in my posts, but I would like to briefly describe my view on my new Uncle Ed. I met Ed at a family gathering and knew he was different then most guys. From the way he looked at my Aunt to being a social butterfly at the party. He seemed cool and relaxed. Two summers ago my dad's side of the family and my husband and I went to Cape Hatteras for vacation. Ed took a few of us out on the water to teach us how to fish. It was awesome. I actually caught something! Ed was patient in teaching me how to cast a line to reeling it in. The whole vacation he was kind and courteous to my Aunt and I knew they were meant to be together. 

Aunt Susie's one request was to have a yellow dress that could be convertible. We chose a buttery yellow crepe fabric. It photographs whiter then it is. The dress has clean lines on the bodice with a surprise scallop lace back. The long skirt of course has pockets, with a wide waist band. Another surprise element was a slit on the left leg of the skirt that has lace peeking out. The finishing touch is that the long skirt comes off to reveal a short reception dress!! I loved this concept and would love to create it something similar for future brides!


Thank You Aunt Suzie, for allowing me to be apart of your day. xo Sheila

Grooms Name: Ed
Wedding Date: October 17, 2017
Name of Venue: Excellence Riviera Cancun