Tara + Evan

Tara wearing SHEILA FRANK

A Fairytale Wedding

"I loved the sketch of course, but the finished product was more than I expected." - Tara

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kind-hearted, down to earth girl planning to wed her prince. I met Tara and her mother Cheryl years ago, as I was Tara's boss at a previous job. I remember speaking with Cheryl in the past about designing Tara's wedding dress, we began the conversation a little over  year go. Tara fell ill with a rare cancer and was forced to put the wedding planning on hold.

With the love and support of Tara's family, friends and her prince,  she fought hard and survived her battle with cancer. Cheryl and I talked a lot,  about creating the dress of Tara's dreams.  She deserved something really special.

When Tara was in remission, her grandmother suddenly passed away. Tara had a special request for me, to include her grandmother's dress into the design. I often love the idea of up-cycling something old, creating something new. I am obsessed with anything vintage. The idea of including her grandmother into the design, tugged at my heart.

Tara is a lover of Disney, which made the design process pretty easy. We brain-stormed and came up with the most beautiful Princess dress. Throughout the whole process, we talked about Cheryl's mother/ Tara's grandmother. We laughed, cried, joked, reminisced. As the days, weeks, months went on in the construction process, I was nervous because I could only wish and hope that Tara's grandmother would approve of the dress for her granddaughter.

Utilizing Tara's grandmother's dress, I cut the bodice from the skirt and beaded the entire lace bodice. I also took the hanging straps from the inside of the dress to give Tara spaghetti straps and used the covered buttons from the original dress to put on the back of the new design. Lastly I created an applique for the hip from the original lace.

We also decided to create a dress for Cheryl that complemented her mother's jewelry that she would wear on Tara's big day. I literally was beading the dress, 2 days before the wedding day.

I am so pleased with the outcome of both custom dresses.  This will definitely be a project to remember for all of us. Thank You Tara and Cheryl for allowing me to be apart of your day. XO Sheila


Grooms Name: Evan
Wedding Date: September 17, 2017
Photographer: Jen Wetzel Photography
Name of Venue: Lauxmount Farms