Brittani + Baren


Rustic Romance

"I left her shop with such a great feeling and like we were great friends. The passion and dedication she has for her craft shows in every stitch and every dress she makes." - Brittani

I am pretty sure that it was fate that brought Brittani to my shop. In between a short break of a busy appointment day, I saw Brittani and her friend standing outside the store front window talking about the dresses. I decided to pop my head outside and told them to come in! This is rare for me, because I do not typically allow walk-ins with my busy schedule. Something about the two gals… I just had to meet them.

I am so glad I met Brittani! She had tried on alot gowns already and had a pretty good idea of what she was looking for but just couldn’t find it. Brittani was a perfect client for me! As I sketched, she agreed on the design and we just went for it. At every appointment with Brittani, we laughed, cried and had an awesome time.

We have a fun story to tell about her fabric choices… we both fell in love with the lace and it was sold out everywhere! Brittani actually drove 45 minutes to the store to pick it up on her own! We were both so happy that she was able to get it… and it was just enough to create her dream dress.

The style is a classic with a modern twist. The gorgeous lace is embroidered with beads. I created a high scoop neck with cap sleeves. I hand appliqued the bodice and dress to fill in gaps. The back of the dress has organic shaped keyholes with covered buttons. The empire style is so flattering to the overall silhouette that just grazed over her hips. I decided to add the tulle on the waistband to match the hand appliqued veil.

There was a lot of love poured into this dress with hours of hand sewing! I am so pleased with how this turned out. Brittani looked absolutely gorgeous in this dress! I kind of want to make it again, that is how much I love it.

Thank You Brittani, for allowing me to be apart of your day. xo Sheila

Grooms Name: Baren
Wedding Date: September 21, 2018
Photographer: Brittany Kafferlin
Name of Venue: Majestic Woods
Hair and Makeup Artist: Daniella Cracoo
Florist: Bride